Our history

Born of the DIZAINE Communication DIZAINE em Português (Design in Portuguese) started in 1995, the current dizaine.net® is a multifaceted work group that, in the whole, is specially designed to provide communication strategies and multimedia solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

How we work

Specialized in webdesign since 1996,
our team includes trained professionals in graphic and communication design, consulting, management and organization of contents, programming development and multimedia production.

Project Methodology is our tool,
guaranteeing a solution of quality, adequate and effective. We do not sell hermetic packages; we provide a solution for each project.

Given the specificity of the medium and the user's relationship with the Internet site, we are also prepared to give all the necessary support to the monitoring, updating and maintenance of the project, if the client desires so.
We have as an alternative to this process: the integration of a tool for autonomous content management (CMS), on pre-defined areas of the website, and we are able to provide the training in its use and update


The names, brands and companies mentioned in this website, come from professional relationships and service contracts, and - apart from the dizaine.net brand - are not owned by this work group.


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